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The RCWA Board of Directors meet on the third Tuesday of the month. The next Board of Directors meeting will be held on October 15th, 2019 at 7:00pm.
The RCWA member meetings are held on the last Tuesday of the month. Dinner is served at approximately 6:45 for $8.00 per person followed by a business meeting and a program or member social time.
The next regular member meeting will be on October 29th.  There is currently no program scheduled for this meeting. If anyone would like to give a program for a future meeting please contact one of the club officers.

Upcoming Matches and Activities:

October 12th: Buffalo Rifle match on Range 1 and USPSA will hold their match on Ranges 5-10.

October 19th: CMP High Power Rifle Match on Range 1 and 4-H Hot Shots will be on Range 5.

October 26th: ALPHAS/CQTAS Match on Ranges 6-8

October 29th-November 2nd: ONSP will host the NC state match on Ranges 5-10.

Law Enforcement Training

The following ranges will be closed to members for scheduled Law Enforcement Training during the following dates and times.  Please make plans to use the other ranges during these times.

Due to training requirements officers are required to move forward of the firing line and fire their weapons. This clearly violates the RCWA range rules and the Board of Directors have made a special allowance to accommodate their requirements. For the safety of our members and the officers the range will be closed to members.  Signs are clearly posted at the rifle range during this time that the range is closed.

Range 1 (Rifle Range):  October 1st, 3rd, 8th, 10th, 15th, 17th 22nd and 24th from 3pm-8pm.

Range 5: October 1st, 3rd, 8th, 10th, 15th, 17th 22nd and 24th from 5pm-9pm.



All renewals must be postmarked by August 1st in order to retain your current membership.   Due to the cap on membership beginning September 1st, 2017 no renewals will be accepted after August 1st.  If you would like to rejoin the club please complete the prospective member form below and MAIL it to the address at the top of the form.
Applications will be considered for membership in the order in which they are received.
The number of slots open for membership will depend on the number of members who fail to renew, which we are unable to predict. Please do not call to inquire concerning the timing of consideration of your application. Our crystal ball is out for repair.
Prospective members will be notified by mail when an opening for membership becomes available and will have 30 days to submit a properly completed member application along with proper payment. Applications not received within the 30 day period or incomplete applications will not be considered for membership and will be returned.

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS. Please read carefully. The attached application must be completed in full before it will accepted. All questions on the application must be answered. If the item does not apply, please mark it N/A. Incomplete applications will not be returned. Completed applications must be mailed to the address on the top of the form. DO NOT EMAIL THIS FORM. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS WILL RESULT IN THE REJECTION OF YOUR APPLICATION.

Prospective Member Application


Updated Range Rules

The Range and Safety rules have been updated as of April 2019.  It is every member's responsibility to read and follow all range and safety rules. Violations of the rules may result in the suspension of membership or expulsion from the property.

Bump Fire type stocks and binary triggers systems are not allowed on RCWA property for any reason.

Guests:  Members may bring two guests to the range who are over the age of 19.  In addition, members may also bring their children and/or grandchildren who are under the age of 19 to the range.  The member is responsible for insuring any guests brought to the range are instructed in the safe handling of a firearm prior to shooting.  When a member brings guests to the range only two guests may shoot at a time. The member must not shoot while their guests are shooting.  The guests must not shoot while the member is shooting.

Training: Please remember that members are not allowed to hold any type of training at the range without prior Board of Directors approval.  All group matches, law enforcement training, clinics, events, personal firearms training, concealed carry classes, concealed carry qualification and other activities that occur on RCWA property must have prior approval from the RCWA Board of Directors and must comply with all regulations established by the Board of Directors.

Rules concerning unapproved targets and target placement:

Unapproved targets are cans, bottles, produce, pallets, lumber, target posts or frames, rocks, ammunition, clay birds (skeet, trap, 5-stand or sporting clays), explosive devices, ground bouncers, wobble type targets, walking/flipping type of targets, or any other targets placed on the ground, or anything that could cause a round to leave the range.

DO NOT put targets on top of or on the target frame posts or other wood members holding the wire or on top of or on an eyebrow (eyebrows are located on Ranges #2 - #4 and A – L to keep bullets from leaving the range). Placing targets on these locations is prohibited

Please download the attached copy of the range rules to see all the changes that have been made.

Range Manual

Lake Upgrades

If you plan to go fishing please see the link to the lake page for information on the new guidelines for the lake.